Sunday, August 9, 2009

Who sez life in da country is boring?

Not me - ever - and certainly not me last night!
We were up a little later than usual and therefore let the dogs out a little later than usual. Sally took off like a rocket for the chicken part of the yard with Hank and Brody HOT on her heels (the boys were barking and growling like mad).
Big T raced out to see what was happening while I grabbed flashlights. Hank was in the chicken run growling and snapping at something in the pen. The ramp (which is also the night lock) had been knocked aside and there are scratches on the wall of the coop.
The girls were fine but I think it was a pretty close call. Dogs didn't have a scratch on them and settled fairly quickly so whatever it was obviously booted for the hills fast. I suspect a coyote as any racoon I've ever seen cornered fights pretty hard and very loudly and can't get away too fast. Also we hear coyotes every night and have never seen a coon here (not even as road kill).
Sure got our hearts pumping fast ..
We ended up staying up even later and watched the last episode of Entourage for Season 4. Big T will have to get season 5 when he's at work this week!

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