Saturday, January 15, 2011

planning time of year ...

Not much happening ... working too hard at the day jobs ... getting frustrated trying to place a perfect puppy ~ perfect homes just aren't popping up for her.

What else to do but plan? I'm going to expand the herb beds quite seriously this summer. Foolish not to with a master gardener and a master herbalist around to back up and support this project. If I can get some herbs to the Milford Market I'll be very happy - if not the rabbits will appreciate the haul .. as will the human family. I want to go with wheel shaped beds in a fairly traditional lay out I think at this point, though square foot raised beds would be a possibility worth considering.

I want to do some serious onions, potatoes and tomatoes this year. (Garlic is already in, in a serious way). We'll do the normal of course - peas, beans etc. I'd liek to do a better job on vine plants - like pumpkins. We cleared a place to get the raspberry canes to flourish so will give that patch some attention.

We are going to clear the weed compost away to give the chickens more room.

6 months and we'll be neck deep in implenting these plans ~ for now it's a winter wonderland!

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