Monday, May 12, 2014


What would you do if you were offered a horse before your farm was finished?
A horse you really didn't need or want but who really needed out of his situation?

I was asked how I could say no. I couldn't. I decided even if the answer was euthanasia it was a better answer than saying no.

And Sept 13th, 2013  Valiant arrived. I knew he was thin. I didn't know he was near death and starving.

Now on the anniversary of his 8th month here he is happy and filling out and muscling up. We've been able to have his teeth done and deworm him (many times).

He went onto a Cornell Study refeeding program - slowly slowly building him up to eating huge rations - for the first 72 hours he got less than 4 pounds of hay a day.  Now he eats free choice hay 24/7 and gets 2 large meals too ...

Last night he wanted to canter while having his short ride - we did a half circle each way. What a good good boy.

Team Valiant deserves so much credit for making this possible. They fund raise for him so he can have the best of everything. He sees a chiro and vet monthly and has as good a life as we together can make for him.

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