Friday, January 1, 2010

if you went down to the woods today

you would have gotten quite the shock!

Yup we wooded today .. and it was mucky enough there was no way I was ripping up fields with the truck - so off on the atv we barrelled - with the big dawgs running alongside (if you ever need to tire out a 7 month old golden retriever out - just come borrow the atv on the farm)

We found a dead tree Big T has been watching for quite some time - could get right to it with the the atv and the trailer only took a small piece of it out

He sawed it (using our still running brilliantly Stihl saw) up into chunks, I humped it to the trailer and then we rode out ... FUN and FRUITFUL

FABULOUS to get something done on the first day of a new year

it's going to be mighty hard to go back to work on Monday ....

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