Thursday, December 31, 2009


a brief review

It was good .. it actually captured my attention and I'm not a fan of gimmicks
I hate going to the theatre - I can't sit still long enough to enjoy a movie usually and this was a LONG film - but apart from one brief moment at about the 1.5 mark when I checked the time and thought -oh I guess this is ending soon (it didn't) it held me.
Strong women (many), interesting interactions of human, animal and plant, political messaging, and a decent story line all enhanced the amazing 3D effect
I read James Cameron wanted people going back to the theatres - and he thought this movie would help - I agree - it's been out 11 days here and the first show of the day was packed.

I got to to see a Telus goat ad too - one of my buddies from, HT and the Hobby Farm forum was the wrangler for the ads so I'd heard about them but not seen one.
Here's an example of one for those of you not on dial up ....

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Heidi D said...

Ya, my jury's still out on weather I see this or not. Maybe I'll wait till it comes out on dvd.