Saturday, May 1, 2010

beautiful day ..

Mum and Wilkie swung by for bbqed hot dogs for lunch - and Mum earned her keep by weeding and rock picking in the garden too - very motivating to have help
then Colleen swung by (our FABULOUS real estate agent turned friend) and she offered some help too so she weeded the raspberries and the pea bed ..
so I got three times the work done I could have on my own and had a nice chance to catch up with people I care about too - a perfect blend
Collen's life is pretty tragic right now ..hopefully things will settle for her and she can find new routines ...

planted more onions (done now) and am soaking peas for tomorrow .. some peas are up, some onions are up, chives, garlic, strawberries all look amazing can see the potential in the garden right now - it's very exciting!

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