Friday, July 9, 2010


Hot dawgs, rabbits, cats, and people too. The only ones not hot are the parrots - but I guess this is how they'd prefer life year round.

It's hot outside - really hot - this morning actually feels a little better but it could just be that we are used to it.

We putter slowly - I collect greens for the rabbits first thing in the am, let puff daddy out then switch bunny run time through the day. Collect again around 7 0r 8 and tuck everybunny in for the night.

Franklin is free ranging on the lawn when we can watch him (heard a horror story this morning about a bear grabbing a handicapped rabbit off a lawn - in a wheelchair no less). He seems to appreciate it.

The dogs and I work agility in tiny chunks. Big T works harder than I can even bear to watch. He's sorted his wood pile, cut wood, cut grass, fixed screens and more. I'm just not that motivated.

I weed - of course! Three weeds at a time are plenty.

Our riding lawn mower has broken fatally. Our friend loaned us a lawn mower which has decided not to start. Our lawn looks like we've been away months.

It's too hot to care much.

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Heidi D said...

Sorry I haven't commented on your blog forever. I have been reading though.

Are those pink day lilies? Very pretty!

I was down visiting my Mom during the height of the heat wave, 107!!! Glad I don't live there anymore. :)