Tuesday, July 27, 2010

green acres is the place to be?

farm living is the life for me?

well yes yes it is but there are days ...

and days ....

I was busy picking gross pre- maggoty things off an oak tree (as well as a couple of the larval things too) when a car slowed right down - I looked up to see why and Sally was in the road .. our dogs don't leave the property anymore - we have it pretty well fenced and well gated and even a horse walking slowly by doesn't entice them to leave so I suspected it was something "special" that had called Sally out

I was right - something had gotten hit by a car .. and was in literally pieces across the road - by the time I got to the road Sally had consumed any identifying pieces - leaving me to suspect a rabbit - as I don't see ground hogs around here much. GAG.

I had to pick up the remaining bits and fling them away into the bushes as I really don't think Sally's allergies need much raw rabbit nor do I want any of the dogs on the road.


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Heidi D said...

BLAAAECH!!! Sooooo gross. You should have a warning before those posts! I was lured in by happy Green Acres just to be tricked into reading...I can't think of a show that would be apropriate and clever or funny at the same time. ;)

I do hope doggie will be OK, might need to treat for worms.