Sunday, July 18, 2010

a garden tour

I don't know what this flower is called - but she sure is pretty.

bee balm - far from invasive here

a bank of black eyed susans - one of my favourites

I know you'd never think there were any flowers here from reading this blog but there are - lots of beautiful flowers that have to fend for themselves pretty much! I walked around the gaarden yesterday and snapped a photo of everything in bloom.


Power2Jesse said...

Andrea, thanks for visiting us at the farmer's market and looking at the blog. Are you around to help me with my blog - I'm new and having trouble working out the kinks - if you are available, can you e-mail me, or call 476-7332 ext 108, I'd love to chat, and maybe we can visit? Norma Anne
power2jesse :-)

Bee said...

The flower is sweet pea. It can be white, purple, and various other shades on all the same vine. The peas are not bad when they get really big.

Power2Jesse said...

Can Jesse and I come and see you tomorrow? We could come around 6:00pm - I have a car for a few days. Should be bring some food and have a picnic? It is our last chance to come, we leave Thursday.