Monday, August 15, 2011

SO SO good

Chicken dinner was spectacular -not a word I generally think of in a food context but it really was!

Rikker was also quite amazing. A giving generous soul prepared to work hard for me - poor unfit dude! Missed Nelly but it was great to hop on another horse and find the skill set required there too. Rikker is a TB draft QH (?) mix. Very cute and quite the charmer.

Also played a little with the young ones - groomed them and worked on picking up feet! Next time I'll take a hoof pick out with me.

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Power2Jesse said...

Hey Andrea - maybe we can visit you this time - we are back in the county but I haven't been blogging because the rainbow wheel in iphoto won't stop running when I try to use the program to put photos into my blog. How are you...we are here two more weeks, I hope we can come and see you.

Norma Anne/Jesse & Levi this time - I have been working the market too on Saturdays - please e-mail if you have time to see us - maybe we can come see your place....