Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Done and Booked

Barring disaster August 12th, 2011, twenty one chicks will be turning into dinners, and dog food, and the cycle will be complete.

 Twenty one out of twenty one chicks is pretty good odds- the hatchery we got them from comes with all kinds of warnings about expecting loss with these big fast growing girls but they have done well. There is no doubt the heat was hard for them. But we managed to keep cool water available, and fresh cool grass daily for them to lie in. The breeze nearly always blows here too and I think that helps as well. Where they have been located is under the shade of a large glorious tree much of the day as well.

They have been pretty interesting to watch and learn from and I'm glad we've done  it. I wouldn't hesitate to raise baby chicks again although deciding about the meat chicks may be left until August 13th.

It certainly doesn't save money - chopped up chicken on sale in the big grocery stores is cheaper - but the organic free range, never on sale chicken is more expensive. Hopefully the folks enjoying these birds will enjoy them enough that we'll do it again. I really do like the theory of knowing my meat and being able to express my appreciation to it.

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