Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rascally Wabbits ...

actually they are very good rabbits  - who enjoy their summer accommodations very much ... in hutches for safety but with time in a large run (10x20) every day

they have basically broken themselves down into 4 groups: Puff is on his own; Harry and Hermonie share one hutch; The Mrs and Teagen share a home which Niobe often chooses too; and then Dustbunny, Qtip and the feral pair hang out in the large dog run. All the JW go out together though which works well for all of us - it means more time out for every bunny!

Right now I alternate and give one of the angora groups time in the empty 8x8 chicken pen - it's great as there is lots of lush grass (plantain, dandelion, Queen Ann's lace etc) growing so a couple of hours out there saves me a lot of collecting time. They also love the dead fall apples.

The rabbits get a largely fresh diet for the summer ... squash leaves, strawberry and raspberry leaves, cattails, clover, willow, apple, alfalfa plus the above and safe herbs too- they thrive on it and it makes a nice change from pellets with dry hay I am sure - I need to really concentrate on collecting fresh to dry for them for winter soon. I ran out by Christmas last year.

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