Wednesday, January 9, 2013


When it's cold and the wind is blowing I think the bears have it down pat. I'd curl up in bed and not get up til spring if I could. But then we get a couple of mild days and the sun comes out and I love winter again. All signs of Christmas are gone. The animals were great about leaving the tree and ornaments alone.

Wood is a never ending project as usual - and of course being here full time we are burning even more than usual. It's early January and I'm pretty sure we've gone through a full cord- or maybe a little more! We sure know what a priority will be next spring/summer/fall.

The animals are all enjoying this home based life very much, the Silkies are taming down day by day -and laying regularly as well. 2-3 eggs a day seems to be the norm which gives us plenty to give away and eat.

Riding Nelly is great - it gets me out of the house doing something constructive. Biggest issue with it? I'm mentally engaged in horses again - not the sanest place for my brain!

I have a scarf nearly done that I need to finish up but as I'm not sure what the ext project will be I'm hesitant.

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